TSTC Board of Directors

Eric Alexander
Executive Director, Vision Long Island

Janine Bauer
Partner, Szaferman, Lakind, Blumstein & Blader, P.C.

John Casellini (Chair)
President, Ways and Means NY LLC

Kevin Corbett
Vice President, AECOM

Michelle Ernst
Ernst Transportation Analytics

Joseph Fiordaliso
Chief Executive Officer, NorthStar Strategies

Richard Kassel
Senior Vice President, Gladstein, Neandross & Associates

Ya-Ting Liu
Executive Director, Friends of the Brooklyn Queens Connector

Neysa Pranger
Director of Strategy Consulting, Intersection

Emeritus Board

James T.B. Tripp
General Counsel, Environmental Defense Fund

Jeffrey Zupan
Senior Fellow, Regional Plan Association

About the Campaign

The Tri-State Transportation Campaign is a 501(c)(3) non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to reducing car dependency in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Leading environmental transportation, and planning organizations formed the Campaign in 1993 as a response to the mounting economic and environmental costs of automobile and truck dependence and promising reforms after the 1991 passage of the federal transportation bill, Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act.

In the 20 years since our founding, the Campaign has enjoyed a strong record of accomplishment. Among our most notable victories are halting highway widenings, fighting fare increases and service cuts, encouraging smart growth approaches at state departments of transportation, and calling for millions of dollars of investment in public transportation, pedestrian, bicycle, and transit-oriented development initiatives.

Still, in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut metro area, there are many challenges to be addressed:

The Campaign uses its unique technical, data, and policy analysis to marshal the talents of the region's most effective environmental, planning, smart growth, and transportation policy organizations. Our ability to build diverse coalitions around a goal combined with our technical media and legal advocacy is the foundation of our success. The Campaign's board of directors consists of senior staff from the founding non-profit organizations, as well as representatives from industry and the private sector. The staff, all of whom have advanced degrees, is comprised of ten members with various technical, policy, legal, environmental, and planning expertise. The Campaign is headquartered in Manhattan with staff based in Albany and Camden.