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The Tri-State Transportation Campaign needs your voice!  Advocacy works when many people express their opinions to our elected officials.  Together we can help tackle key issues related to public transportation and the environment – issues that make this region a better place for generations to come.

Make bus rapid transit part of the Tappan Zee Bridge replacement

After almost 300 meetings and a decade of public debate, the people of the Lower Hudson Valley reached a consensus: bus rapid transit (BRT) should be installed along the I-287 corridor. BRT, in which buses make record time by using dedicated lanes and pre-board fare collection, is the most cost-effective way to ease the region’s congestion problems. But in October 2011, Governor Cuomo announced that he would “fast-track” the Tappan Zee’s reconstruction. The catch? There would be no BRT on the bridge. The reason? “We can always add BRT later.” The result? A proposed infrastructure initiative that could leave Westchester and Rockland County stuck in traffic for the next century. For more information and help contacting government officials about the project, visit www.brtonthebridge.org.

Tell Albany to Stand Up for Transit!

Governor Cuomo’s proposed 2012 budget compensates the MTA for the revenue lost during last year’s payroll mobility tax cut, pledges $770 million to the MTA capital program, and directs 11 million additional dollars to ailing upstate transportation systems. In recent years, the state has dipped into dedicated transit funds to shrink the deficit, but the Governor’s 2012 budget leaves them intact. Let the New York State Legislature know that it should approve Cuomo’s budget by signing this petition.

Put an ADA-accessible bike and pedestrian ramp on the Ben Franklin Bridge

In 2011, the Delaware River Port Authority reneged on its promise to add a wheelchair and bike ramp to the Ben Franklin Bridge, which connects New Jersey to Philadelphia. Without the ramp, Philadelphia-bound cyclists have to carry their bikes up three flights of stairs before they can ride across. Those in wheelchairs have no option whatsoever. This is an undue burden on bike commuters and wheelchair users. Sign this petition to let the DRPA know that you want a ramp on the bridge.


How Else Can You Help?

We encourage people to get involved in any way that they can, whether it be through a donation or by writing a letter to an elected official. Here are some things you can do to make our a region a better place:

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