Complete Streets Laws

Complete Streets laws and policies require traffic engineers and transportation planners to design new or retrofitted roads to accommodate the needs of all users, including bicyclists, pedestrians, transit riders, and people of all ages and abilities. Tri-State and our allies have successfully campaigned for statewide Complete Streets initiatives in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.



Related Campaigns

Some of Tri-State's other campaigns involve support for complete streets laws and policies:

Senior Pedestrian Safety

Older pedestrians are especially at risk of being killed in a collision with a car or truck -- and in the tri-state region, the disparities are even greater.

Federal Policy Reform

Tri-State supports federal complete streets legislation to ensure that all users of the transportation system, including pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, children, older individuals and individuals with disabilities are able to travel safely and conveniently on and across federally funded streets and highways.


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