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Hartford West Major Investment Study Final Report - this 1999 ConnDOT report found a busway would be the most effective alternative for the corridor.

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Since the 1990s, ConnDOT has studied the best way to reduce congestion along I-84 and its environs west of Hartford. The project, a 9.4-mile transit facility with 11 stations, will connect downtown New Britain and downtown Hartford via a straight, direct, and exclusive facility for buses operating outside the flow of regular traffic. Service on the busway will be very frequent, with less than 5 minutes between buses on the busway during the peak period. Services connecting to the busway will have headways of fewer than 15 minutes during the peak period. The service will carry over 16,000 riders a day and could spur transit oriented development around the proposed stations, as bus rapid transit has done in other areas of the country.

Over the past decade, ConnDOT has worked through the federal grant process resulting in $45 million being inserted into President Obama’s 2010 budget for the project, a good indication that the project will receive a coveted New Starts Full Funding Grant Agreement which would, along with other federal funding sources, cover 80% of the project’s $570 million cost.

If funded, implementation of the project will begin in 2011 and completed in 2013, generating 4,000 construction jobs and 100 permanent jobs in the process.

Planned Service

(Larger version available at Regional Plan Association's website.)

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