Parking Management

Parking supply is a major indicator of how people travel to a location. Free, unrestricted parking encourages driving and promotes congestion, even if mass transit options are available. Too much parking often results in vacant, unsafe, and unattractive areas that hurt a neighborhood's development potential.

The Tri-State Campaign supports innovative parking management techniques that reduce incentives to drive and promote alternatives. One example of this is parking cash-out, a program that allows employees to receive cash instead of a free parking space at work. Others include changing outdated zoning regulations that require extreme amounts of parking, market-driven parking fees, or sharing parking spaces with a nearby facility or store.


Related Campaigns

Smart parking policy plays a major role in some of Tri-State's other campaigns:

Planning Issues in NYC

Many of the economic development initiatives launched in New York City -– which include rezoning major districts for more intensive development, new sports arenas, and suburban-style big box stores -– have taken place without much thought for their transportation consequences. 

Transit-Oriented Development Clearinghouse

This clearinghouse contains information for officials and stakeholders who are interested in bringing transit-oriented development to their communities. It is a repository of information from successful transit-oriented development efforts from around the region and the country.


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