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For immediate release:
April 28, 2006

Jon Orcutt

The Tri-State Transportation Campaign applauds Governor Corzine's efforts to ease the impact of rising gasoline prices by increasing mass transit service and considering lower speed limits on some highways.  Mass transit use in New Jersey is booming and anything the state can do to add service will encourage even more riders.   

But the Campaign also says that marginal additions to transit service while NJ Transit is preparing to raise fares across the board works at cross-purposes. “Increasing fares again while saying mass transit is an affordable alternative to ever more expensive driving doesn’t add up,” said Campaign executive director Jon Orcutt.   “We call on the governor to declare that he will hold fares stable during 2006 and 2007.”

The Campaign noted that the governor declined to raise the state gas tax or toll road rates earlier this year, despite a yawning transportation budget deficit. 

The Campaign hopes that lower highway speed limits can help reduce the state’s persistently high traffic death toll (more than 700 fatalities for each of the past 10 years), in addition to promoting fuel efficiency.

The Campaign also calls on the Governor to be cautious about allowing hybrid vehicles in Turnpike’s HOV lanes.  The state should only allow the most fuel efficient vehicles (with 45 MPG or more) to use special lanes, and the measure’s impact on congestion in the lanes should be examined at regular intervals.

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The Tri-State Transportation Campaign is an alliance of public interest, transit advocacy, planning and environmental organizations working to reverse deepening automobile dependence and sprawl development in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut metropolitan region.