TSTC Statement in Response to Congestion Pricing Agreement
July 19, 2007

The Tri-State Transportation Campaign congratulates the Governor, Mayor, and New York State Legislative leaders on their agreement to move forward with a congestion pricing plan for New York City. Along with all New Yorkers who want better transit, cleaner air, and more livable streets, the Tri-State Transportation Campaign is breathing a sigh of relief that our state leaders did not pass up this pivotal opportunity to truly make our transportation system more efficient and equitable. The Tri-State Campaign believes the commitment to a 6.3% reduction in miles driven means that our elected leaders are serious about real solutions to the city’s traffic congestion problems. We strongly urge the full Assembly and Senate to pass this groundbreaking proposal.

Congratulations to our fellow members of Campaign for New York’s Future, a coalition of 140 environmental, planning, transit, labor and equity organizations that support PlaNYC. Many of our organizations have worked for years for a more sustainable transportation system, and this day proves that those efforts were not in vain.