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April 28, 2010

Kate Slevin, Zoe Baldwin
Tri-State Transportation Campaign


New U.S. PIRG Report Finds New Jersey Roads Third Worst in the Nation

Poor roads cost New Jersey drivers nearly $600 per year

A new report from the U.S. PIRG Educational Fund examines Federal Highway Administration data on road and bridge conditions and finds that New Jersey ranks third worst in the nation in terms of the percentage of major roadway lane miles in "poor" and "mediocre" condition. 

In response, the Tri-State Transportation Campaign warned that without additional transportation revenue, roads and bridges could fall further into disrepair.

“The state’s Transportation Trust Fund is about to drive off the Palisades,“  said Kate Slevin, executive director of the Campaign.“By the summer of 2011, the fund will be broke with 100% of revenues going to pay off existing debt. Without action from our elected officials, we will have no money to maintain our roads, bridges and public transportation network.”

”New Jersey’s pock-marked roads are costing the state’s drivers nearly $600 a year in additional repair bills and maintenance costs,” said Zoe Baldwin, New Jersey advocate for the Tri-State Transportation Campaign. “Raising new revenue to fix our roads and bridges will save drivers money.”

According to the PIRG analysis, one-third of New Jersey’s major roadway lane miles are in poor and mediocre condition, and more than 80 percent are rated as in “less than good” condition.  And more than 1 in 10 of the state’s bridges score a “structurally deficient” rating.

The report calls on states to adopt a fix-it-first investment strategy, a policy which New Jersey embraced nearly a decade ago.  The Tri-State Transportation Campaign urged the NJDOT to maintain its commitment to repairing existing roads and bridges in this year’s capital program, which will soon be released by the agency.  

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