Testimony of Ryan Lynch
Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board Hearing

February 23, 2011
Good morning. My name is Ryan Lynch, and I am the senior planner and LI coordinator of the Tri-State Transportation Campaign a regional transportation policy watchdog organization.

The MTA’s insistence on moving forward with cutting its entire contribution to LI Bus has led to a watershed moment where LI Bus, in its current form, may cease to exist. This means the 100,000 daily riders on Long Island Bus are closer than ever to losing the transportation service they rely on.

We have argued before that the solution to this crisis should involve compromises from both the MTA and Nassau County. But the MTA and Nassau County are failing to step up to the plate and now time is running out. This lack of leadership is destroying a bus system and could tarnish the legacies of both Chairman Walder and Nassau County Executive Mangano.

That’s why we need Governor Cuomo, Senator Skelos, and Senator Fuschillo to come to the rescue. Governor Cuomo, are you really going to let one of the nation’s largest bus system flounder and possibly disappear? Senator Skelos, Senator Fuschillo, 31 million annual riders, many of whom are your constituents, will lose their transportation to work, school, and doctor’s visits if you don’t help.

The future for LI Bus is unclear and hangs in the balance. Governor Cuomo, please help.