Press Release  

For immediate release: October 20, 2011

Tri-State Transportation Campaign: Kate Slevin, 212-268-7474


Statement on Gov. Cuomo's Nomination of Joe Lhota as MTA Chair

Statement of Kate Slevin, Tri-State Transportation Campaign executive director:

The Tri-State Transportation Campaign welcomes the opportunity to work with Joseph Lhota as Chair and Chief Executive Officer of the MTA on our shared goals of fiscal stability and transportation progress for the agency. 

Many challenges exist for the nation’s largest transit agency , such as :

Ridership throughout the system is steady and rising. 41 million more people rode the subways in 2010 than in 2007. Metro-North ridership increased 5.8% over the past year. Commuters need transit now more than ever and are relying on a strong leader who will promote transit as the engine for regional economic growth.

We hope Mr. Lhota’s business acumen will help guide the agency towards more sound fiscal footing without compromising service and affordability for the system’s 8.5 million daily riders.  We also hope he will continue the innovative service improvements executed by his predecessor, including subway countdown clocks, rapid bus service, and nonstop tolling.

We urge the Senate to swiftly approve Governor Cuomo’s nomination for Chair/CEO of the MTA, Joseph Lhota. 


Tri-State Transportation Campaign is a non-profit organization working toward a more balanced, transit-friendly and equitable transportation system in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.